Designing the award for "Maldives Business Award 2018"

Aug 27, 2018

Designing the award for "Maldives Business Award 2018"

Categories: Animation,Graphic Designing

Pro Designers’ strive to increase the potential, by extending our boundaries to limitless audiences and reaching out to serve our worldwide consumers. We believe in our clients and try to perceive their expectations in our minds and work as closely as we can to bring the best outcome from our projects.

One of our recent project with Blazon Inc was designing the award for “Maldives Business Awards 2018”.  To design this award our team acquired instructions from Blazon Inc and developed the award by representing a whale shark, which is one of the breathtaking tourist attraction in the Maldives. To bring this masterpiece alive, from the creativity of the award to designing, modifying was done by the tremendous effort of our in-house team of graphic designers and 3D artists.

In addition, our team made the unveiling animated 3D video of the award along with the documentary of the “Maldives Business Awards 2018”.

Watch the video!

Blazon Inc
Aug 27, 2018
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