TV advertisement for Sonee Caparol Capacare Airpurify

Jul 17, 2018

TV advertisement for Sonee Caparol Capacare Airpurify

Categories: Animation,Photo & Videography

Sonee Hardware is one of the largest hardware businesses in the market today. They had built a reputation among their loyal customers with a strong drive for reaching their expectations.

Pro Designers had the chance to create a TV advertisement for promoting their airpurify paint which clears and demolishes the chemicals in the air. This inspired Pro Designers to select the models, shoot footages and complete the ad within a few weeks. Furthermore, using Adobe Audition and After Effects, we were able to make color correction, edits and set the ideal background music for the ad.

We have worked from videography, photography to animation on this project. We are innovative and creative to bring impressing results to our clients.

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Sonee Hardware
Jul 17, 2018
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